5 Stunning Places To Visit In France


A perfect place to visit in France would be in the department of Dordogne, at the Lac du Bourget crossroads near Béziers. Or you can wander around the veritable spa of Marseille. In this department, the only real differences between Paris and other French towns will be distances, terrain, and climate. The scenery and the museums of Marseille are often considered as one of the top Five Senses’ destinations.

Situated in the Ile de France region meaning the land of the rivers, the region has many lakes and planks. Here you will come across the largest man-made canals in the world, called the Marne Canals, named after Napoleon. They are simply remarkable and you can cruise them for a great day. The canals are filled with tales of love, war, and the Underground.

The rivers Marion and Jeu are the main commuting arteries of the region and are packed with pleasure boats, riverboats, and antique boats that originally traveled in the region.

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The distance from Denfert-Sur-Ré and the department of Dordogne to Paris proper is around 1800km. Any useful maps would be essential to tackle this journey and any map with a good layout would be useful to me.

You need to allow around 20 hours to travel through the Parisian region taking in the capital’s sights. A survey route map would be useful. An Aerial map would be more complicated and would more quickly introduce you to the city. A road map would introduce you to the region’s transport network and the key towns of the area.

Best Places to Visit in France

  • Paris & Versailles
  • The Charming Countryside of Provence
  • The Côte d’Azur
  • Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy
  • Reims & its Magnificent Gothic Cathedral
Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash | Paris, France

Paris & Versailles

Appreciated for the elegance and joie de vivre, Paris can be expansive European funding full of architectural masterpieces such as the Eiffel Tower and the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Reflecting the town’s rich legacy, the Louvre (certainly one of many very best museums in Paris) comprises a unique fine arts set, whilst the Musée d’Orsay and the Musée p l’Orangerie screen paintings of French Impressionist art. Different charms of Paris are the own atmospheric medieval quarters and chic boulevards. Quintessential tourist adventures include shopping in book shops from the Latin Quarter, drifting the Champs Elysees, and people watching out of a sidewalk café terrace over the Boulevard Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

To view one of those nation’s most impressive palaces, and tourists could have a 30-minute train ride from Paris to Versailles. Even the UNESCO-listed Château de Versailles is amongst the best day trips from Paris. Even the château’s splendid Baroque facade, magnificent Hall of Mirrors, also fountain-adorned formal gardens enable individuals to assume a spectacle of France’s bygone imperial court.

The Charming Countryside of Provence

Compared to the gray skies of Paris and northern France, Provence basks beneath the Mediterranean sun. This alluring countryside includes a rugged and earthy charm. The atmosphere is fragrant with the odor of rosemary, lavender, sage, and thyme, herbs that increase in prosperity and are employed in the local cuisine. Within this informative landscape, Impressionist painters discovered the inspiration to make brilliant works of art.

Visitors are enchanted by the village’s perchés, which crown Provence’s hilltops: Saint-Paul-de-Vence, a walled medieval town that’s a short drive from a number of preferred Côte d’Azur tourist places like Eze, and scenic Gordes, that is one of the best destinations in the Luberon.

In the center of Provence, the conventional ambiance is located on the tree-shaded streets and outdoor cafés of Aix-en-Provence, in the festivals of Arles; also from the old seaport of Marseilles. Additionally not-to-be-missed will be the Palais des Papes in Avignon; the sexiest beach resort of Saint-Tropez; and the Roman theatre in Orange, one of the wonderful sites of this Haut-Vaucluse.

An interesting technique is to traverse the cities using river routes. Use a route map that will introduce you to the major waterways such as the Seine and the Yonne. On the other hand use a route map that shows all the major streets, squares, and towns. There are many good quality route maps for the whole of France.

Good quality rivers maps show all the major rivers and their tributaries like the Loire, the Garonne, and the English Channel. Good maps also show the terrain of major cities and towns. You get to view the landscape and its variations from the air.

Good maps also concentrate on major towns and villages and give you the chance to choose the best routes, if you are on a road map then choose a major town or village and discover its defenses, markets and many other things.

Traveling throughout Europe using a road map requires serious planning and study. The Mistral map below was specifically designed to give you the ease and flexibility of managing your holiday in Europe conveniently and independently.

Use the information and guide pages to answer any questions you may have about specific routes, passages, or towns. Use the map to select from the numerous useful journeys. From A to Z, J to Z. Passport, visa, mail, trains & ferries, airport maps, and many more. You will be amazed at how precise this map is. Once you use this map, you will see many things, not on the normal map which helps you in understanding the geography of Europe.

To select your route map browse through the following items on the left, the list box for journeys, forests, and nature, and the useful items for your route maps.


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    There are loads of attractive locations to visit, featuring Pont du Gard (a Roman pipeline), the Cap d’Agde seaside hotel, Cité de Carcassonne (a middle ages fortress), Gorges du Tarn, and also Château de Quéribus (a wrecked castle in the neighborhood of Cucugnan).

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