About Us

Hello, We aim to provide a platform for those who document and capture the world around us, bringing them together to create a lasting record of life on Earth; so that people everywhere can experience the cultural and natural wonders of our planet, can feel more connected to the biggest issues facing the world today, and can be empowered to create a better future.

Our Story

Adventure travel is founded by Janith Nimalsha in February 2016. He ventured into blogging using a personal domain name — adventuretravelguides.us — and later turned it into a professional site, following a few suggestions. The current domain name, adventuretravelguides.us was registered later and the content was migrated. In these seven years, we’ve tried to make Adventure travel as useful as possible.

Janith Nimalsha

Imesh Denuwan is a Youtuber, competitive coder, and Android developer from Colombo Srilanka. He works as a content writer and shares articles related to Android. His interests are ranging from anything to do with mobiles, computers, and gaming.

Growing up in Gampaha Sri Lanka, I was never a big traveler. It just wasn’t something my friends or family did. I didn’t take my first trip overseas until I was 23. After college, I got a job and the standard American two-week-a-year vacation. For that first trip in 2015, I went to Costa Rica. The experience changed my life. It opened me up to all the possibilities the world had to offer. There, I experienced another culture, wildlife I had only read about in books, new foods, got lost in a jungle, saw conservation projects in action, and met people from around the world.